I've borrowed a Logitech gamepad as shown in wiki, it's working alright, in manual mode it moves the servos ok, but it disables the RC inputs from Tx, each time i config a channel for joystick input, it disables the corresponding RC channel on my transmitter, and it's not working back until i restart.

Is it normal ? Is there a way to get both working at the same time ?


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  • Thanks guys, it's clear. Last time i checked and disabled the joystick, the rc was not responding, maybe it's because i haven't saved the joystick settings (i kinda hopes it's that). Now it's working back when i disable the joystick. Thanks.

  • Developer

    You cannot use both at the same time.   How is the autopilot supposed to tell which one to pay attention to?  You might say "pay attention to the one that is not centered", but that doesn't work for throttle, flight mode channel, flaps, etc.

  • Developer

    joystick alwasy disables rc. its by design. if you disable the whole joystick it will revert to rc

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