Dear all,

I am setting a joystick to flight with the MissionPlanner and I saw there are a lot of available options for every button that can be selected from the dropdown menu. This is the complete list:

  • ChangeMode
  • Do_Set_Relay,
  • Do_Repeat_Relay,
  • Do_Set_Servo,
  • Do_Repeat_Servo,
  • Arm,
  • Disarm,
  • Digicam_Control,
  • TakeOff,
  • Mount_Mode,
  • Toggle_Pan_Stab,
  • Gimbal_pnt_track,
  • Mount_Control_0,
  • Button_axis0,
  • Button_axis1

The meaning of some of them is quite obvious, but I have not idea about some others that sometimes they also open a window to insert other subsettings. Unfortunately I can't find a manual for these settings, can anyone help me?

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