I just started with APM, having used KK for a couple of years. Thought I'd go crazy and build a Heavylift Hexa, but I mistakingly bought 9 motors instead of 6, so Octocopter it was! :) 

This is from januari 5 2013, just after having done the autotune and setting the first PID to .09 as mentioned in the settings. Nothing else done basically.

I go a little crazy with the throttle at liftoff.... but I liftoff using only throttle. I can then release the sticks for long periods of time in Stabilize mode, and it will basicaly loiter in stabilize mode. :). Flying in stab during the whole video. I was unable to crash it although I tried giving it full stick forward and all directions, it just flew at a 45 deg angel, then when I let the sticks go, it levelled and stopped. Like a dream, I can't believe it!

If it stops raining I will try Loiter and RTL today.


My setup:

Hobbyking X930 Frame

Turnigy D3536-9 910kv 370W motors (x8)

Turnigy Plush 40 Amp ESC, not flashed or anything.

Hobbyking 6ch radio system. (The $22 one)

APM 2.5+ with 433 telemetry.

10x4.7 SF props, three different kinds, unbalanced, sloppily drilled from 3-6mm holes to 8mm holes.

(new better ones on order)

Turnigy Nanotech 4S 3300mAh batteries, 2 in parallell.

About 40 Amp to hover at about 30% of motor capacity. I had to make a throttle curve or it would hover at 5% stick...

To all the persons involved in APM: Thank you! I', glad I bought this and not a chinese knock-off, I want to contribute. Without you, no APM. I'd have to spend 10x more to get the same.


Magnus, Sweden

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  • Magnus, what flight time are you seeing with that build and have you tried a payload, I want to build the exact same setup to carry a gimbal and camera but I also want to maximize flight time with a payload of about 2 to 3 kg.



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