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Justin Miller replied to Justin Miller's discussion iOS Ground Station
"Gerard, Great feedback thank you! Yes it is straight back. It's not visualized in the app yet but it is being added so you see it. The start position is visualized with a marker but not seen in this video. The next button is great feedback! Yes…"
Mar 20, 2015
Justin Miller replied to Justin Miller's discussion iOS Ground Station
"Fortunately the app works now, and was actually used to get those shots in the video. The app will be free but our specific bridge will have a cost. We are building a custom bridge because we want a higher bandwidth radio to later add streaming…"
Mar 20, 2015
Justin Miller posted a discussion
I'll be up front, this post is in part self promotion but also in part seeking feedback. My startup is building an iOS app, several to be precise for programming and ground control of a pixhawk/apm based multicopter. We are building our own…
Mar 20, 2015
Justin Miller commented on Justin Miller's blog post Finally up and running with my first rig, Thank You DIY Drones.
"Thanks Chris.

Carles, it's a go pro, everything I built here is big enough to carry something more substantial but for now I am simply flying a gopro hero 3 black edition, they really are capable cameras. I will likely get an nex 5 at some point."
Sep 3, 2013
Justin Miller posted a blog post
I have my first rig up and running now with a lot of help from this community, I scoured this place for information for two months prior spending a dime. I am now finally up and running in a way that I am pleased with. I landed on using a Rusty…
Sep 3, 2013
Justin Miller replied to Josh Moore's discussion Super Cub DSM
"I am pretty new to this too so feel free to take this with a grain of salt but if you want to fly a quad or multirotor then I think the best thing to do would go get an inexpensive quad. If you get a fixed wing you won't have an opportunity to…"
Jun 9, 2013
Justin Miller replied to Justin Miller's discussion Need advice for my future build
"OK I decided to be a little more modest and am looking at switching my motors and props to following to cut costs a bit, this allows me to get an extra motor or two

Motors Turnigy Multistar 4830-420Kv 22Pole Multi-Rotor OutrunnerProps 14x4.7 Carbon…"
Jun 8, 2013
Justin Miller posted a discussion
I have been flying my quad for a while now and it is quick and unstable, I've gotten pretty good at it and don't crash anymore unless I am trying a stupid trick. I am thinking/hoping I am ready to start upgrading to something bigger and more…
Jun 8, 2013
Justin Miller replied to Magnus von Rosen's discussion Just another happy ArduPiloteer... my new rig flying great
"Magnus, what flight time are you seeing with that build and have you tried a payload, I want to build the exact same setup to carry a gimbal and camera but I also want to maximize flight time with a payload of about 2 to 3 kg.


May 24, 2013