3689545712?profile=originalI have my first rig up and running now with a lot of help from this community, I scoured this place for information for two months prior spending a dime. I am now finally up and running in a way that I am pleased with. 

I landed on using a Rusty Frame and even went with a rusticwave gimbal(not seen in picture), this way I had to spend more time building things but I also learned a lot more in the process. Here is one of the first video's shot with the rig. Mounted are Tiger Motors MT3515-KV400, these big boys are giving me a good amount of lift, with gimbal and camera, along with 2 3s 5000mah batteries I am achieving hover at just under 50% throttle. The batteries I run in series with the negative side batterie double tapped to run electronics, both batteries drain at approximately the same time and I am in the air for about 12 to 15 minutes at a clip.My AUP should be coming in at a little over 3kg but I havent measured it all put together yet. Performance thus far in stabilization mode has been quite good, though I need to do some tuning for alt hold and flying in the wind. I also need additional tuning for the gimbal that's using a martinez control board. I have been having a blast and wanted to post this as a thank you to this and other communities that make all of this possible. 

Flight at the Ferry Boat Camp Site from Justin Miller on Vimeo.

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  • Sweet!  Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Chris.

    Carles, it's a go pro, everything I built here is big enough to carry something more substantial but for now I am simply flying a gopro hero 3 black edition, they really are capable cameras. I will likely get an nex 5 at some point.

  • really cool !

    could you tell me with what camera did you shot the video ?

  • Congratulations on building such a capable rig right out of the gate! 

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