i have many questions as im attempting this project as of now. already bought most of the hardware just waiting for my electostar its on backorder. i found this question in another forum. you suggested that we use a wireless video camera but what freq should we use for the signal. the 2.4gig is for flying and 900 is for telematry. is there a camera on another freq. that we can use.

im refering to the one your suggest the Aerial Video System 900MHz 500mW looks so cool i gotta have it. lol

UPDATE*** I phoned the Digi company they are makers of the xbee and put the problem to them. they are going to get back to me with a solution so we can all learn.

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I am going to be in the same boat on this one. I have 2.4 for flying and I assume 900MHz is what I will use for telematry, so what is left for video?
yea i found a video transmitter thats on 1.3gig. so no problem. digi ever got back to me about if xbee900 will work with video on there.

You could use the Remzibi OSD with a 900 MHz video transmitter/receiver combination and still view most of your essential telemetry.

Just a thought.

that is true to. another oprion but im loveing the pivoting camera setup on the site i posted made for easystar. awesome setup.
Do you have a link to the site so I could check it out?
wich site? the site to get the radio transmitter/reciever is
the link to the easy star rotating camera is
and the link to the OSD is
That camera setup is great.

yea that pan and tilt system is awesome. lol. my 75$ easystar is gonna be worth more than my car lol
The only issue is that the RV pan & tilt doesn't "bounce" quite like the rest of an EZ...

I've gone thru a few EZ Pod kits in my time!
so the image is shakey you mean?
Nooo.. just when/if you nose in, the plywood frame of the EZPod can't take the punishment that the Elapor EZ can.

Have you not seen VRFlyer's series of FPV flights?
Youtube video by"teamyankee2".

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