So, i've decided to Jump into this vast world of multi-rotor drone/copter UAV's you guys call home....

Here is what I ordered, its all from hobby king no genuine 3DR hardware yet I'm trying to stay on a budget because as with any RC venture it never stops with the first one and I'm not even sure if i will just crash and burn and throw the entire mess in the garbage after the first flight so with that said heres what I got.

HKPilot Mega V2.5 Flight Controller 

FPV Radio Telemetry Kit - 915Mhz 

Q Brain 4 x 25A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-4S 3A SBEC 

Q450 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 450mm - Integrated PCB Version 

MT2213-935KV MultiStar Motor and Propeller Combo 10-4.5 CW CCW 

On-Board Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm 2s~3s 

Universal Nylon Landing Skid Set for Multi-Rotor Frames (Extended 100mm) 

Minim OSD v1.1

Still need to order Batteries and TX/RX package 

looking at this

Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 )
Turnigy 2650mAh 3S 1C LLF Tx Pack  
ZIPPY Flightmax 3000mAh 3S1P 40C 

I know the frame gets alot of bad reviews but hey im not going to do any crazy flying just yet...

I do have RC experience both Land and air "some" heli i'm confident I can do this, I really am interested in FPV and aerial Photog thats the reason I went ahead and got the OSD, 

My only Worries are set up and Programming this stuff looks like alot of code is involved.. 

Any tips would help

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  • Hi Neuro,

    I’m thinking about getting a set of this motors for my quad and I wonder if you could give us some feedback

    MT2213-935KV MultiStar Motor and Propeller Combo 10-4.5 CW CCW 


  • How did you mount the Q-Brain?

    I also have a Q450 frame, Qbrain with a KK2.1 flight controller.


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