Kraken130 + Pixhawk?


Have you guys seen the new Kraken 130 from Foxtech.

What do you guys think?

Im impressed with the build and strength and flight time. The airframe and electronics are $2000

However the FC itself they suggest is also $1200 (DJI A2M - $1800 ZeroUAV)

Im wondering if the pixhawk would be enough to conrol it?

What do people think?  (Besides it not really being DIY)



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    Release the Kraken!  

    Kraken build in my workshop in Manchester, CT.   This Kraken is carrying an Aura2 3 axis gimbal and Canon 5D camera equipped with a Teradek HD Transmitter to send live HD video to the ground. 



    • Hi, I am about to tune a newly built Kraken.

      Could you please share a dataflashlog or your PID's , so I can start out with something closer to tuned ?

      Currently I have only one 6s 16Ah pack - and it would save me valuable tuning time once it's less windy, and it's winter here in northern Norway, so a shorter tuning/freezing time would be nice :)

  • In case no one had seen ther is a rcgroup thread for all things Pixhawk + K130

    See you there


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      That's great.  I'll  add to it.   I'm starting a brand new Kraken / Pixhawk build on Tuesday next week.  Was planning to shoot video at the same time.   

      Does anyone who's already built a pixhawk / kraken have a parameter file to share?  I was planning to use autotune, but any head start I can get would be appreciated.  

  • Why not?! Go and explore things on Earth!

  • I have a kraken and probably have over 100 flights on it now. I have had two motor wires break(they are hard and brittle) and I was one of the first that experienced the capacitor issue. I new about long power wires but figure they tested it and it wasn't an issue. I had an esc go out while I was in the middle of the ocean and barely got it back. It has an A2 on it right now but if I had it all over I would put a pixhawk on it. What ever you do make sure you secure the motor wires so they don't vibrate or get mishandled. I ended up changing the motors and esc's to brands I trust and mounting the esc's in the center plate.
    • Hey Neil,  glad you got it back from the ocean..   and thanks for sharing your experience.  for me personally i would like to see if we can grab the attention of someone that has a Pixhawk on their Kraken. We are very close to getting some initial tuning flights.  I would love to hear other experiences with the PIDs and  ESC sync issues .

      I feel pretty good about the sync issues after a fair amount of research it appears that the ground wire on the esc needs to be present.  I have yet to decide what to do with the power lead (red) i checked the voltage on that wire and it is not seeing any return voltage from the ESC and this, i think to be expected from an opto ESC.

      I am curious how are you guy powering everything .. ESC. Pixhawk and gimbles?  i am thinking that i am gonna be running separate batteries for each .. (2 person setup)

  • Ha

    You guys  are ahead of me now.

    I bought the Kraken foolishly sa my first copter.. was great to build for experience...

    Then I did my first take off and realised I was quickly out of my depth.  So got an Iris to practice on first :)

    Now I need to rebuild the Kraken..I have the kit to move the ESC to the centre plate. Hope to do it in next few weeks.

    I dont like any of the leg offerings, Im interested in finding a different solution that fold down like 4-8 stilt legs from the arms. It will balance better and fold up nicer.

    Good luck guys!!


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