Hey all,

Seems I've fried a battery :(

I have the charger and parallel board shown below.  Was planning on charging 3 batteries.  Plugged in the first 2 just fine, but plugging in the 3rd got a 'poof!'  One of the connectors came off the board, and the battery connectors are black'ish now.  One of the connectors from the board broke/melted off into the battery balance connection, so I can't even test the charge now.

What did I do wrong? I used the charger to charge 1 battery successfully.




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    The damaged fourth XT60 connector on the board appears to be physically reversed on the board compared to the other XT60 connectors on the parallel board. Therefore I suspect that when you connected the battery mating connector to that particular XT60 board connector it caused a reverse polarity voltage to be applied to the battery?



    • I'm such a fool! It was obvious that it was going the opposite way, but I thought "Hey, I know jack s**** about batteries/chargers...so maybe it's supposed to be this way."  It's wasn't, and now I'm wondering why I didn't check the supplier page and see for myself that the connectors should all have been the same way!


      Lesson learned.  Thanks Thomas!

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