We have some left over thermal imager cores. These are the internal infrared camera engines that are in finished products. We have it listed on Ebay as a no reserve auction. current high bid is $255 as of 5-19-2014 5pm.

L3 Thermal-Eye thermal core.

2000AS 160x120 30hz with 50 degree FOV. great for wide field or FPV.



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  • Any more of these cores?

  • Auction has ended. Will post more soon.

  • Should have put more specs. By the way this is 30hz system so we cannot export. Sorry but if you are not in the US and US citizen you should not bid on it.  We may have some 9hz cores coming up that are exportable.  If you meet the export criteria here are the specs

    This is the large board model. It has 2 main circuit boards

    3.94" x 2.170"

    There is also the optional power board that lets you use 4.5VDC -32VDC power. This board is about

    2" x 2.170"

    The sensor head with lens is about

    1.3" x 2.3"

    If you wire up without the power convertor board you must use exactly  3VDC +- .1VDC or you will fry the system.

    I do not have an exact weight but it is probably around 6-7 ounces.

    The unit is 160x120 AS microbolometer and the lens is 50 degrees.

    This is a good cheap unit for prototyping or limited production or DIY hobby use. It is a full on thermal imager.


  • this is plug and play?

    whats it all weigh?

    • Sorry I should have posted more. See the reply above to initial post with more info. Price is up to $295 on Ebay now and the bidding closes in 6 hours.

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