Hey guys,

I have been working on my own LabView based GroundStation for my UGV.


And I would like to add the ability to click a point on Google Earth, and instantly have those GPS coordinates in LabView and ready to send to my vehicle. No ConfigTool or offline uploading required.

I have gotten pretty far on how to do this, by integrating the Google Earth API into my Labview program. All the pieces work seperatly, now I just have to integrate them.

My first question is has anyone here done this before i spend more time on it? I know people have asked about uploading a new waypoint to Ardupilot while she's flying, but I haven't seen anyone with a real solution on how to do that, at least to the point and click level on Google Earth.

If not, and the feature is wanted by the community, who is the main programmer for the GroundStation code that I can give my source to when I'm done?

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  • Thanks for doing this Bill. I was worried about doing it this way, due to the inaccuracies of the conversion and the different ways that you could use the GE interface to change the view that LV wouldn't be able to pick up. It looks like what you are doing is performing a linear conversion from the mouse location to the latitude/longitude taking into account the zoom factor and the size of the GE window, but how do you deal with the non-linearities of this? Also, since you can change the pan/zoom through the GE interface how do you deal with that? Mind you I'm just curious, this is definitely the functionality that has been needed to get developed. Great work.
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    I think Ardustation Mega team is working on it. Doug might know. Feel free to PM Chris to find out. There was a post on this few months ago, search for it. I will try to locate the same.
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