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Experience: Electrical Engineer Developing UAV Quad-Rotor Helicopter 8 years in FIRST Robotics Competition Competed 11 Robotics Competitions and worked on 13 Robots combined. IEEE St. Louis Section Secretary

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Freeport, IL

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David Gitz posted a discussion
Hi, does anyone have any logged data for the 3DR uBlox GPS?  I am specifically looking for at least 1 hour at a fixed point, outdoors with decent weather.  I am considering buying it to use for my Thesis Rover project, but I would like to see how…
Jul 20, 2015
David Gitz commented on PIRIYEV AERO's blog post SMARTPLANE Drone Plane with Application and Hardware Platform
"Wow, that is amazingly different...  It's like you took the design from the Ebee, changed it slightly and then called it your own.  Take a look at this:  http://www.plagiarism.org/plagiarism-101/what-is-plagiarism/

turning in someone else's work as…"
May 14, 2015
David Gitz replied to Adam Radel's discussion Is User Hook available in APMRover? in ArduRover User Group
"^ Bump ^
Any ideas?  I'm working on a project too.  Can't figure out how this code works.  Can't do Serial.begin, Can't do digitalRead. "
Apr 27, 2015
David Gitz left a comment for Jonathan Rojas
"Hi John.  Here is the code that I wrote for the matlab-mavlink interface.  It's not very efficient and doesn't work very well, maybe you will have better luck.  Currently the way that it works is that it reads the mavlink xml file for the apm,…"
May 10, 2014
David Gitz posted a discussion
Hi all, I'm kind of in a bind and could use some advice.  I am working on my thesis and am developing a quadrotor for indoor machine learning purposes, and I mainly have access to a lab space that's about 25'x25'x10' tall.  Our lab:My quadrotor is…
Feb 13, 2014
David Gitz posted a discussion
So after some searching I haven't found much for using Matlab with mavlink.  There is an active project using simulink but that isn't a whole lot of use to me.  So I have started working on writing a matlab project that can receive and display…
Dec 4, 2013
David Gitz commented on Quadzimodo's blog post APM 2.5 CAD Model for Google Sketchup Users
"Any chance on putting up a .stp version?  I'd like to put this in my Autodesk Inventor model of the Arducopter.
Nov 4, 2013
David Gitz replied to Giona Granchelli's discussion Problem with Roscopter (Arducopter interface for ros) in ROS User Group
"Sorry if you've already fixed this issue.  But you will not see a roscopter.msg file.  I may be wrong here with my understanding of ROS, but what this is doing is that in your package "roscopter" it will import all the files in the msg folder.  In…"
Sep 6, 2013
David Gitz replied to David Gitz's discussion ROS, rgbdslam and APM in ROS User Group
"Here's a video of my progress so far.  Still a long way to an indoor flight but I'm making progress at least.

From the video's description:
This is a intermediate testing video of the ICARUS SLAM Project. This project uses a Kinect, the rgbdslam…"
Aug 9, 2013
David Gitz replied to David Gitz's discussion Custom External "GPS" in ROS User Group
"Also, if I go into the CLI terminal, navigate around for a little while, then go to test>gps I get the "Init ArduCopter V3.0.1" text, like its rebooting.  Then I get a bunch of garbage characters, although after it says "Ready to FLY" I get "NMEA…"
Jul 26, 2013
David Gitz posted a discussion in ROS User Group
Hi all, I'm working on sending GPS data to my APM using a SLAM algorithm and am stuck.  I soldered between pins 2 and 3 on the GPS and have it hooked up to the 4-pin UART1 (not the DF13 plug).  So far I am just sending these static messages at 38400…
Jul 26, 2013
David Gitz commented on Arthur Benemann's blog post DroidPlanner looking for Testers
"I just started working on integrating this with a ROS node communicating over MAVLink (over TCP, but maybe UDP as well).  I'm also looking at Andropilot."
Jul 25, 2013
David Gitz posted a discussion in ROS User Group
Hi all, not really a question, just wanted to fill you in a little.  After some work using Yogesh's original roscopter code and modifying it heavily (here's a link) I am working on my next project, using a SBC along with an APM to perform indoor…
Jul 22, 2013
David Gitz posted a blog post
While working on my Tiltrotor project I had a need to have CAD files of the Arducopter.  Since I could not find a good source for these I ordered the Arducopter and CAD'd them all in Autodesk Inventor and put them on GrabCad here:…
Jul 20, 2013
David Gitz commented on HeliStorm's blog post World's First Drone Paint Roller
"Not exactly the "world's first."  Saw this at a presentation several months ago, this was a student from IIT's Masters Thesis.  He was studying friction coefficients and energy efficiency, and developed algorithms that would provide the fastest…"
Jul 12, 2013
David Gitz commented on David Gitz's blog post APM 2.0 AHRS Testing
"@ Andrew: Thanks for all the questions and information.  The initial calibration was done using whatever calibration procedures the APM does on its own upon powerup, to simulate a normal usage scenario.  As far as the compass settings, I am unsure…"
Jul 11, 2013