World's First Drone Paint Roller

Ok, it is not a paint roller. That is just what I thought when I first saw this. Personally, I find the concept interesting, and I can think of some unique uses, including as a remote control paint roller.

But, seriously, I wonder how much flight times might be improved if a "mission" was mostly rolled around on the ground, with only short hops over obstacles? I may have to contact my friend at BG and see if they could send me an evaluation model for some testing.

Check out the specs further here.

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  • I'll be darned, I apparently commented on that video a few months ago. The idea seemed familiar, but I do not remember seeing that video, but apparently I did. Our youngest had just been born around that time. Sleep deprivation must have been taking its toll.

  • I was implying world's first when it came to paint rolling. A little joke. ;). I had not seen this video before. Very cool work indeed. My personal interest is in the use of UAVs in emergency operations. Something like this catches my eye because I envision it rolling through a post disaster area, hopping over obstacles as needed, and shooting skyward to take shots of a scene when needed. I may need to contact this young man.

  • Not exactly the "world's first."  Saw this at a presentation several months ago, this was a student from IIT's Masters Thesis.  He was studying friction coefficients and energy efficiency, and developed algorithms that would provide the fastest travel/least energy expenditure for waypoint navigation by either rolling or flying (rolling was around 3x less energy wasteful than flying).

  • I get a kick out of that guy's reviews. This quad looks like a blast!
  • It's bang good, alright.

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