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  • Gary - Thanks for the compliment.  I was poking around on Kickstarter recently and found the Parallella, but could not remember the name of it.  It is a pretty awesome machine, but probably too bulky for my interests.

  • I will follow your work with great interest.

    Have you heard of the Parallella, not really the SBC your looking for, but I would recommend Googling it.

    I'd like to know what SBC you select when you do.

  • Gary - The next steps for this project are indeed on using an SBC (we have not selected one yet), SLAM and obstacle avoidance.  I will post more on this when we get farther.

  • Absolutely first class work.

    Are you continuing with development: especially with dedicated SBC?

    And it seems like a short hop to "SLAM"?

    Really hope you continue with this, it is really valuable to us all.

  • Moderator

    STFM with a Kinect or whatever the next low cost sensor is called will be a game changer. Have you seen the 3D from single pixel camera work in the UK?

  • Thanks for sharing this!  I love messing around with my Kinect and testing code but man you are a pure genius!!! Please keep us updated on your progress and if your code is opensource. 

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