Custom External "GPS"

Hi all, I'm working on sending GPS data to my APM using a SLAM algorithm and am stuck.  I soldered between pins 2 and 3 on the GPS and have it hooked up to the 4-pin UART1 (not the DF13 plug).  So far I am just sending these static messages at 38400 baud:  


I checked to make sure that it was indeed sending these by transmitting to a different computer.

I hooked it up to QGroundControl and I can see that the GPS Position data is all 0's, and when I connect with the MissionPlanner it says "No GPS".  

Anyone have any ideas?  Anyway to see the actual GPS stream that the APM is getting?  Also, don't know if means anything but now the 3DFix light on the APM is always on.


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  • Also, if I go into the CLI terminal, navigate around for a little while, then go to test>gps I get the "Init ArduCopter V3.0.1" text, like its rebooting.  Then I get a bunch of garbage characters, although after it says "Ready to FLY" I get "NMEA OK".  

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