DroidPlanner looking for Testers

3689538228?profile=originalIf you want to help out in the development of DroidPlanner, consider joining our alpha testers group. You will get both the latest features and bugs.

To receive the alpha updates join the Google+ community and sign-in on this link. After signing you will start receiving updates for the latest releases though Google Play. The alphas have the latest features we develop, but they are not thoroughly tested so there may be bugs. If you find any issue just report on the community or on our GitHub issue tracker.

Here is a small resume of how these releases relate to the code on GitHub. Take a look here for a second. There are tree major branches:

  • stable - This is the version that everyone gets on Google Play
  • alpha - If you sign-in to the testers group you will receive this one
  • master - This is the current state of the code, it contain the latest code (it's prone to crash, because here is where new features get integrated)

All the other branches are stuff we are working on, and when they are working we merge them back in the master. So master almost only have merges, and a minimum amount of code is developed there.

If you like DroidPlanner but don't care for any of this, and just want a working app, please consider doing a small donation to support the time spend in developing this app.

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  • Developer

    @Thomas J Coyle III 

    Thanks, I'll take a look

  • Admin


    You should check out this member's issue when attempting to use DroidPlanner:


    TCIII Admin

  • The actual error is:

    Parse error

    There is a problem parsing the package.


    I'm going to continue to mess around a bit but there's no sense diverting any more of the community's time away from the work you're doing! 

    Thanks for the help Arthur.  I'll post up if I make any significant breakthroughs.



  • Well I get a parser error. :-)

    In any case, I'm running the original Fire which is running 2.3.  Looks like a lost cause.  :-)



  • Developer


    No problem, I just warned to try to save a headache.

    By the way, what are most people installing this onto?

    Here is a screenshot of Google Play:


  • Thanks Arthur.

    I'm very much a novice at this but from what I read it seems that the core of the problem is that Amazon wouldn't sign an agreement with Google that would've allowed the Fire users to access the Google store.  Makes sense.  Amazon has their own store and would want to send their users someplace else.

    There are walkthroughs on how to make this happen and there are (apparently) root hacks that can accomplish the same thing.  We'll see how far I can get with this or if it even works at all.  It's entirely possible that I may drop out but what's the harm in trying?  If I can get close maybe this will open an entirely new set of devices for Droid Planner to get installed onto! :-)

    By the way, what are most people installing this onto?


  • Developer


    I wish google had made this easier, so you could use the community or the link to join the test, sadly that isn't the way it works. Or maybe I mistakenly read the documentation.

    What version of Android do you have there? If you can't download via the Play store probably you don't have one of the requirements in your device.

  • Developer

    @Chris Riccio

    You have to join the community, and then sign-in at the link.

    David Gitz:

    Nice, you are welcome to request any modifications needed. One thing that we got in DP is that it's written only in Java, and that gives a smaller initial step for people. That's why we have about 4 guys working on the code now.

  • I'm in now.  Arthur was correct in my case; I hadn't joined the DroidPlanner community so once I did that I was able to click on the link and get to the "Become a Tester" page.

    I haven't gotten any further than that because I'm going to try to load it up on a Kindle Fire and right now I'm getting the error "No compatible devices".  I'll try side-loading today and see how far I get! :-)



  • I just started working on integrating this with a ROS node communicating over MAVLink (over TCP, but maybe UDP as well).  I'm also looking at Andropilot.

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