Lack of replacement parts for 3DR vehicles

As a DIY enthusiast I'm puzzled why 3DR has drastically scaled back the replacement parts it sells for its vehicles.  Usually in a crash parts like the motors, props, arms, etc are damaged and 3DR continues to sell those parts.  But occasionally other parts break, currently I have a fully functional 2013 Y6 with a cracked bottom plate.  This and many other parts are not for sale and the feedback I've gotten from 3DR support states that they don't sell parts to older models (cause 2013 is pretty old).  I was even willing to use a 2014 Y6 bottom plate but was then told that 3DR doesn't sell that part and was directed to buy a new Y6 frame kit.  This seems very wasteful and not consumer friendly.  I used to be able to buy even screw, nut, and washer that made up each kit.  Do we need to start looking at other manufacturers for frames?

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      • I have requested 3dr help for Aero spare parts, but they haven't been able to answer for a whole month. I did send them a reminder right now. I can spend $1000 or more on Aero spare parts, so it should be quite easy.

  • Garrick, while I don't own a 3DR copter (just the APM and other electronics), the lack of replacement parts or the ease of quickly obtaining replacement parts from other kits has driven me to search out solutions that I can find and make with locally-obtained parts. I've decided to build a frame using carbon fiber plates and aluminum or carbon fiber arms that I can get locally and cut and drill manually or "machine" with a ShapeOko 2 (, a small DIY CNC system which I JUST got working last night. If enough people have the same need as you maybe someone with the right tools could be a third-party provider of replacement parts. I'm not in that position yet, but once I get some more experience with my ShapeOko, I'm going to start fabricating some of my own designs but would also be interested in trying to duplicate existing designs. It may be a month or two before I have enough time to get everything working well but if you are interested in letting me try to duplicate an existing bottom plate, I'd be up for giving it a shot.

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