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Are Jo Næss replied to Escobar's discussion Pixhawk 2.1 with Futuba SG14 - Unpredictable Mystery! in ArduCopter User Group
"Do you have log-file?
I've had bad experience with SBUS receiver on Pixhawk 2.1 /Cube before (first or second batch).   Loss of rc signal from SBUS-receiver to pixhawk, but full signal from receiver to controller (Taranis).."
Nov 21, 2017
Are Jo Næss replied to Peter Skotte's discussion Connecting and controlling high-end gimbals through PPM/SBUS/CANbus via pixhawk
"Should be fairly easy. Just uncheck stabilize. Check documentation http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-camera-gimbal.html"
Dec 30, 2016
Are Jo Næss commented on Nicolas's blog post SOLO Mapper production Batch
"Cool that you release the code! Is it possible to buy the gimbal itself (with servos), so I can use it in other applications with pixhawk or similar?"
Dec 3, 2016
Are Jo Næss posted a discussion in 3DR SOLO
Hi guys!Have anyone tried to access aux 1 (pin 50), (or other aux ports and ground pin) in 3DR Solo (Pixhawk 2).  I need it to trigger a Sony camera with cam_trig_type: relay, which is quite trivial on pixhawk 1.  3DR support wouldn't help me out…
Apr 25, 2016
Are Jo Næss commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post APM:Plane 3.5.0 released
"Good news! Looking forward to test the CAM messsage.
Any info "the BHAT" flight board? Can't really find anything."
Jan 30, 2016
Are Jo Næss commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3DR Aero and X8 now $350 off
"Hi Chris,
What happens with Aero? Will it be continued as is, or will it be replaced? "
Dec 14, 2015
Are Jo Næss replied to Garrick Merrill's discussion Lack of replacement parts for 3DR vehicles
"I have requested 3dr help for Aero spare parts, but they haven't been able to answer for a whole month. I did send them a reminder right now. I can spend $1000 or more on Aero spare parts, so it should be quite easy."
Jul 26, 2015
Are Jo Næss posted a blog post
Most have forget the old ski brand Kandahar.. Not my colleague.Kandaharcopter: made of Kandahar ski poles, RcTimer5010 motors, 17" props, and 3DR Pixhawk/GPS/Radio. Standard hexa pids, and AC3.0 or 3.1 (don't remember). It was actually made last…
Jun 12, 2015
Are Jo Næss commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3DR Spektre and IRIS+ get FAA commercial use approval
"Hi Chris,
Do you have any more news on the Spektre? Release date, and config? X4/X8 Pixhawk 2? And weight w/battery?"
Jun 10, 2015
Are Jo Næss commented on Thorsten's blog post u-blox M8N - ground planes, antennas and positional accuracy
Will the VR GPS 8T-revision be able to feed raw pseudoranges to VrBrain/Pixhawk?  In that case it should be possible to make a tightly coupled GNSS/INS kalman filter.  That would really make a (big) difference in performance for Ardupilot.…"
May 11, 2015
Are Jo Næss commented on Nuno's blog post V-Map precise aerial mapping
"The main/huge difference between V-Map system and Piksi is that V-Map is an dual frequency, L1/L2 reciever, while Piksi is (at the moment) only single L1 GNSS reciever.  L1 only is capable of decimeter precision, while L1/L2 is common in…"
Jul 28, 2014
Are Jo Næss commented on Randy's blog post GPS Glitch detection in AC3.1
"Cool feature, I used an almost identical approach in my master thesis to years ago, easy to implement, and low processing requirements. 
@Randy, is there any kalman filter in the 3.1 code, or is kalman a possible "Pixhawk feature", and this gps…"
Dec 14, 2013