SOLO Mapper production Batch

Hello guys,

You probably know that we’ve developed the Mapper version of the SOLO which includes a Sony Qx1 (APS-C sensor, 20 Megapixels) and an automatic geotagging feature. Designed for technical work and compatible with mission planner / Tower (video below)


link to the webpage

Our next production starts on december 19 (two weeks left) so we wanted to share this information with you as there might not be any other opportunities to get them later.

Here is the video on how to use it with Tower (it’s as simple as this)

FIY, we released the code that runs in the companion computer open source, you can find it here : and develop your own solutions

Clients will also be provided with this set of documents :


For All DIYDRONES members we’ll include a 32GB memory card instead of an 8GB, just mention that you’re part of the community during your order (or send us an email afterwards)


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  • Hello there, how can I get those files??? For the solomapper, I having some troubles trying to set it up

  • bestbuy has plenty of Solo's i brought one for $350 incl gimbal and extra battery with props on there black friday sales

  • At the top of the linked page it says that "This is the last batch to know why look at info section at the bottom of this page".

    There is no info section and there is nothing in the "FAQS" section relating to this.

    I presume it is because Solos are no longer being manufactured?



  • Cool that you release the code! Is it possible to buy the gimbal itself (with servos), so I can use it in other applications with pixhawk or similar?
  • Question. Now that Pix 2.1 is launched, you will, I presume, in the future be able to put this system in a custom frame -- probably with longer endurance and possibly even with RTK integrated.

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