I'm planning to build an octo with Pixhawk.

Motor: Tarot 5008/340Kv

ESC: Xrotor 50A

Battery: 6S 16000mah ~ 22000mah

I bought this:
http://www.goodluckbuy.com/apm2-5-2-apm2-6-pixhawk-power-module-v1-0-output-bec-3a-deans-plug.html  This have a max current of 90A.

I also looked at this:

But this is still max 120A all together. Any one have a suggestion for 300A or similar ?

OR any schematic that I could get print PCB myself ?

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  • I am 100% sure what you are looking for? But maybe this is it?




    • Have you looked at the Airbot module, airbotservices.com??

      Fully integrates with pixhawk, also has aux standby power for the pix and a 12v FPV output.
      Airbot Services Home page products & services description | Drones
      • Hello,
        i need an information:
        i started to build an agriculture drone with pixhawk flight controller.
        i have the problem that the standard power module included in the kit does not support my battery and motors
        I bought six motors eaglepower ea55 320kv 1300w 53A max , and a lipo battery 6S 12000mah.
        In normal conditions (50%throttle) i think they will not draw more than 25A by motor , so not more than 125A, but also in this case the standard power module cannot manage and measure this current.
        So now i am searching for a suitable power module.
        Do you have any suggestion?
        Let me know, thank you!
    • I am not sitting in front of my computer right now, otherwise I would check with ecal.ch and see what the numbers are. I need exact motor and esc, which you posted, and prop size. Unless you checked yourself already. Anyhow, do you know that you don't need the power module when using the Pixhawk!? You can power it through a bec. Just saying. Of course you would lose telemetry. BUT, you can always use an external telemetry module like the FrSky stuff...
    • Musthafa, I understand that the Sparkfun is "only" rated to 180A, which is better than 90A but still falls short of being 300A. However, are you sure that you will pull more that 180A all the time? What is your AUW? Also, YOU posted a link to a power distribution board and that's why I mention the Vulcan PDB...

      Anyhow, good luck finding what you are looking for.
      • AUW is expected to be in between 6-8kg including gimbal.

        Power distribution board which I posted had pixhawk module of 120A.

    • Sparkfun can have max 180A

      Vulcan 250A is just a power distribution board, doesn't sense voltage and current through pixhawk.

      I'm looking for 300A + current module

      • hello, i have the same problem...did you find finally the power module?
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