Learning to fly

Hi guys,

So I have posted a couple of questions on this forum so far and everyone has bene really helpful.

I've just finished building my first drone the specs are below:

Tarot FY680 IronMan with custom length booms, each extended to 500mm.

Arducopter APM 2.8 with external GPS and compass I believe

5200mAh 3s Battery

16 x 5.5" props

Tarot 4114 320kv motors

20amp Afro ESC's

This is my first time flying a drone but wanted to spec it up ready to attach a camera as this is the reason I wanted to get into drone flying.

Yesterday was my first time flying and I have to say it's way harder than it looks and already suffered some damage, broken both landing gear legs and the pole where the GPS sits on.

My question is I don't have the camera attached yet. Should I replace the landing gear or learn to fly without the landing gear to start with? Also, does anyone have any tips to learning to fly. I am still trying to trim the RC but that is also harder than it looks.



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  • Good to see you realised the importance of being able to control the drone manually.

    A flight simulator is the easiest, safest and fastest way to get your thumbs in tune with the sticks.
    And it saves a lot of money in repairs.

    There are all sorts available, some of which are even free downloads off the net.
    All you really need is a cable from your transmitter to the USB port of your computer and should be the only real hardware purchase necessary.

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