I am trying to set up a LidarLite sensor from PulsedLight.

I set it up according to the wiki (new sensor, manufactured Feb 2015, interfaced with a Pixhawk)


In the wiki it points to the Flight Data Screen to test the sensor,

but I only get zero as reading in this window.

But if I check in the terminal,

I can see that the sensor is working (see attached file),

so is it working ok? Is the wiki wrong?

Thanks a lot,


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forgot to mention - I am connecting to the sensor through I2C

mmh - according to this:


there are some issues with the sensor being connected via I2C, so I think I'll change the connection to PWM ...


A wise move:-)



I am going to sell the sensor in my online shop,

was trying to understand it and get it to work before I offer it to customers ...

I'll include a note in the product description that I2C is not safe yet ... :(

(I'll see tomorrow how PWM works)

PWM doesn't work ...

The sensor is connected to AUX6 and AUX5 according to the wiki,

the resistor is installed (470 Ohm).

The servo rail is powered through a BEC.

Software - ArduCopter 3.2.1, settings:


The sonarrange in the Mission Planner is always zero,

if I check in the terminal I don't get any data ...

Same here with PWM... double-checked the cables with multimeter, Arducopter 3.2.1, settings as per wiki - 0 in terminal and in status window. Min range also set to 20 cm & servo bus powered from BEC. With I2C I had some success but faced with the known problems.

Did any of you guys have similar problem with PWM (and maybe solution)?

Ill check when i get home tonight but im pretty sure i have the same settings that you have and mine seems to be working. Have not test flown yet tho. One difference tho is that i am not running a BEC thru the servo rail. The way i read the wiki was that the BEC was only for I2C.  I am getting the correct value thru the "servorange" field.

@Justin L,

Since the Pixhawk does not power the servo output power bus rail by itself, a BEC, either a standalone or an ESC BEC, must be used to power the servo output power bus rail or any servos attached to the servo output power bus rail would not function.

How do you power your Pixhawk servo output power bus rail and how are you powering your LIDAR-Lite?

Also, did you mean "servorange" or "sonarrange" field?



Same here with PWM, no joy.

Yeah sorry i did mean the "sonarrange" field. I just have the standard power module for the pixhawk and a ESC BEC on channel 3. I am running Arduplane tho not Arducopter.

I have tried as well the ArduCopter 3.3 Beta Firmware and Arduplane 3.2.3 - same result, no data ...

I just followed the wiki and its working. If your resistor is not right or no good it will only read once and then stop. The settings should work. I would say it is either your wiring or the lidar itself. My lidar is post feb date. Not sure it that makes much of a difference tho. Im also using arduplane 3.3.0 beta. Dont think PWM for the lidar is supported in arduplane 3.2.3.

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