I tried to search, but are there any lifting capacity graphs (flight time and battery calculated in) for the 3DR frame with the 880Kv motors?


If not, what is the lifting capacity with the 880Kv motors and a pretty much standard 3DR frame (I know a standard quad doesn't exist, but you get the point).


Hope anybody knows, thanks.

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But 1380gr at 100%, does that mean that I have to subtract the weight off the frame, electronics and motors from the 1380gr to get the max payload wheigt?

highly experimental numbers. In fact, they are probably wrong, and the "max" is sure to be more wrong than the others.

Have you considered sticking with 850Kv/10x45 instead?

EDIT: the labels for the battery is swapped, these are all 1x4400mAh calculations. Only the label was swapped.

No Load

Hovering@50% Throttle, 820g payload (some of which you would want to use for a larger battery, let me know if you want to see that...


Completely unreasonable figures hovering@75% throttle

Those graphs, are they simulated somehow?


What I want is a quad that can lift a camera of about 300-400gr with a camera mount.

So theoretically from your graphs, this should be possible at 50% throttle even whit a bit bigger battery?


I see you also suggest sticking with 850Kv/10x45, but won't that decrease the payload a lot?

Hey Peter, check this out :http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1421070


you'll be amazed of what you could lift.



Sure. Everything is a balancing act. If you can make that 300-40g payload lean towards the 320g side, you can get about about 50% longer flights with a 4400 mAh using the jDrones frame and the 850Kv motors, than if you go with 3DR/880/5800mAh. In the former, you get about 15 minutes at hover, and in the latter you get about 11m in hover. But as soon as you move the sticks, that time goes down. However, with the later, you can carry around 700g rather than the 320g. So you could add more battery time. So many variables....


jDrones, 850, 4400mAh

3DR, 880, 5800mAh

But I have one more projection for you, if you will entertain my highly suspect numbers for one more comparison. 


jDrones, 880, Two batteries, slightly larger payload (look at the flight times)

3DR frame, 880, two batteries, slightly smaller payload (but just using the frame above gives you 30% longer flight time, all other things being equal. Yes, the batteries are smaller here, but if you move up to the battery config used above, it cannot hover at 50% w/ this payload and frame weights)


So... lots of variables.

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