this is my first experience with quadricopter. I'm building a Linux-based quadricopter, using a FoxBoard (ARM9) and a ArduIMU.I'm looking for help, for now I did everything myself.I hope that my work may be of interest to someone.


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I want to add some more information:

- Protocol mavlink

- Patched Qgroundcontrol to use the joystick in Guided mode (I also corrected the zero point of joystick)

- Ability to webcam stream (I use 802.11bg wireless adapter but is possible to use abgn adapter)


 you can try the code on your linux box


Hi Vito,

I am doing a similar project with a tricopter to be controlled by a Beagleboard. We also are using the Aeroquad sensor board at the moment.

I am wondering if you have any advice for someone starting out with this.

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