Group: I am bench testing an APM in an effort to become familiar with it.  I am struggling with loading parameters and then writing them to the APM.

When I LOAD parameters, what should I see?  I am testing by using downloaded file from adrupilot-mega "Maja Parameters file".  When I click "LOAD" on the Configuration/Adv Praeter List a small box pops up that says "NOTE:  26.10.2011 21:40:00 Plane: Skywalker".

So it appears that I am not doing something write to load the file.

Then as a follow up question, once I do get to the point when I can WRITE PARAMS, how do I double check to see if in fact that I wrote the correct params to the APM?

The WiKi on this area of the APM is a little sketchy.


Bret C

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I hope someone can assist you with your issues!!

Thanks Joshua - this seems like it should be pretty straight forward, but my system does not seem to work as it should.  

can you please link to the files you are trying to use. also what AP version are you using


Thank you for your reply.  I will do my best to give you more details.

I am using Mission Planner 1.2.32 MAV 1.0 on a PC Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.  The USB cable is plugged directly into the APM from the computer.  Te verify the connection is being made made from the PC to the APM, I can go to the Flight Data screen and observe the artificial horizon move as I move the APM.

Several parameter files were downloaded including, easy tar.param, maja.param and plane_PT60.param.

When I am in the configuration tab, Adv Parameter List - the screen is populated by parameters beginning with AHRS_BARO_USE ….  In an attempt to load a parameter file, I click the "load" button and go to for example Xplane a small pink box pops up "Saved Note, NOTE:PT60 RC aircraft for Xplane and OK at the bottom right of that small box"  When I click OK nothing happens.  Regardless of which parameter file I attempt to load, the same thing happens.

As a related question, how do I know what parameter file is already loaded?

The WiKi information on this area of the Mission Planner is very sketchy.

Thank you.  I appreciate your help Michael.

Bret C

Michael:  Also - it is unclear to me what is supposed to happen when everything goes well.  

Thank you. Bret C

Links to some of the parameter files I have tried are:



Thank you.

Bret C

I will answer my own questions here so others will have access to this knowledge in the future.  First I want to thank Jay S for spending time with me via Skype to resolve this.

It appears that my APM was working correctly.  The issue I was having was due to the fact that when I LOADED the parameter files, nothing visually happened to confirm that it worked.  Having no idea what to expect, to me - no feedback, met nothing happened.  But I was wrong.

You can tell that a new file was uploaded by the fact that some of the cells in the value column of the Mission Planner will be a different color.  The colored cells means that the value of the files that were loaded are different from what is written into the APM.  

When you click the "Write Params", the colored cells disappear because they are the same as those in the APM.

I hope this helps.

Bret C

Hi Bert,

  I think I can help with this. And you are correct it is fairly straight forward.

  When you choose the prams you wish to load, and you get your box that pops up showing "Note 26.10.2011 21:40:00 Plane:Skywalker"   That means that the prams you wanted to load, are in fact loaded into the fields you are looking at.

  Here is where you can tell if they have taken effect:

Once your message box pops up, hit the OK button. A new window showing what the prams Were set for in one field, and another showing you what the NEW prams are. You will notice there are check boxes next to each pram so you can choose to use what you want or not. 

   After you have done this, you can hit the continue button and it will load it all into the main field. If you scroll through the prams you will see what changed highlighted in green. Write a few of the settings down just to make note.

  After this you click on "Write prams"  you will get a warning as not to do this in the air, (Wondering if anyone actually has? )

  This will load your prams into your APM. 

  Now just disconnect from your mission planner, close mission planner, and then re-open it. Reconnect to your APM and it will load the prams that are in your APM. Just take a look at your notes you had written down (The ones that had changed) and have a look at your prams. If what is listed on the screen match your notes, then you know you have loaded the desired prams into your APM.

 Hope this helps.

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