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CEO of Sencorp ltd. Based in Auckland New Zealand. Sencorp is an applied science company with several divisions that include ; Hardware development with software integration. Media development applications. Solution based research and development. UAV construction and design. In 2013 the UAV/Drone division took shape in an area of the world that is listed as one of the most UAV friendly countries in the world. New Zealand. Over the past years SenCorp has dedicated 90% of its research and development on UAV technology, applications, and fluid trends that surround the growing drone industry. Following legislation in various countries, and analyzing end user need and demand for UAV technology. I am the head of research and development and welcome others making advancements in improving UAV technology, in partnerships and collaborations.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Have spent the well part of over two years focusing on UAV technology and drone development.



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Aaron Chadd commented on Aaron Chadd's blog post First in the line.
"Hey John Birkeland,
I agree. The H-Frame has always been my favorite as well. Over all the air frame configurations we have tried out, the H has always been favorable. 
Good to see you Chris! I do want to clarify that I have always been in the…"
Aug 30, 2015
Aaron Chadd posted a blog post
Over the past few years my company has been experimenting with various types of UAV hardware. We have developed six versions of drones using off the shelf air frames and have tested several types of flight controllers. Each has had its pro's and…
Aug 27, 2015
Aaron Chadd posted a discussion
Hi everyone,  I am working on a few projects that use the APM 2.6 and am in need of any schematics and components list if available. If anyone has links to what im looking for it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
Aug 12, 2014
Aaron Chadd replied to Bret C's discussion Loading Parameters in Mission Planner
"Hi Bert,
  I think I can help with this. And you are correct it is fairly straight forward.
  When you choose the prams you wish to load, and you get your box that pops up showing "Note 26.10.2011 21:40:00 Plane:Skywalker"   That means that the…"
Jun 10, 2014
Aaron Chadd replied to Bordács István's discussion repeated RC calibration problem
"I have to give this a bump as well. Because I am having the same exact issue. Very frustrating. I have a few brand new APM 2.5 in the shop, several radios, and receivers and I have tried many times to calibrate the RC and keep getting the same…"
May 1, 2014
Aaron Chadd replied to Aaron Chadd's discussion Auto Tune Freakout.
"It has some airfoam under the APM case. That method has been working pretty good for me so far, but then again, 8 motors produce way more vibe then 4 clearly. 
Apr 30, 2014
Aaron Chadd replied to Aaron Chadd's discussion Auto Tune Freakout.
"Ok I take that back. (Frustrating) It did not record the log for this flight. Hmm. I will have to put fresh props on and give it another try. Although I am going to revert back one or two steps on the firmware and then do a auto tune again, then I…"
Apr 30, 2014
Aaron Chadd replied to Aaron Chadd's discussion Auto Tune Freakout.
"I will download the logs from the apm now and upload them."
Apr 30, 2014
Aaron Chadd posted a discussion
So I was test flying the X8 octo today and doing some auto tuning. In the process, it suddenly jerked to the left roll and weaved on pitch. As if it was starting to freak out. In turn caused me to freak out as you might guess.  I just did the latest…
Apr 30, 2014
Aaron Chadd replied to Alec Seng's discussion Help with Autonomous Flight
"I just ran the Tlog and had a look at the flight. I saw you had set your waypoint, and as you switch to auto, it appears to try to make it to that waypoint, but the speed and alt work against it. Just wondering what maH batt are you running? Also,…"
Apr 29, 2014
Aaron Chadd posted a discussion
Building an x8 octo copter. Anyone have any suggestions on the type of motor (Brand and KV) type of props? (12in / 14in ) that would work best on a 380mm airframe running a 5500 mha batt in the center and a gimbal on the front? Just a gopro gimbal…
Mar 13, 2014
Aaron Chadd posted a discussion
I am looking at various motor types for a new airframe that I am working on, and just want to get feedback on the KV level.Usually I run 1000 kv motors but I am seeing on a couple of motor suppliers that when the KV goes down,the price goes up. So…
Feb 15, 2014
Aaron Chadd posted a blog post
Want to get behind something for a great KICK STARTER project that will make the world of drones leap forward on a whole new scale? Have a look at this. Been working on this, so to see how this plays out, is bloody exciting. I am in, are you? 
Jan 1, 2014
Aaron Chadd commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post CADDrones.com - Beta Now Open - Open Source Community/Database
"I am very interested in how this shapes up. Its about time someone makes one space for drone parts in a DIY format. I have two 3d printers that I work with all the time for drone parts, so for sure will be uploading some of my designs."
Dec 28, 2013
Aaron Chadd replied to Chris Podesta's discussion Help Help - Battery Issues - last 4-6 Minutes all thee of them...
"Are you running lights on your aircraft? Can you upload the logs here so they can be looked at? And what brand of Lipos are they?"
Dec 26, 2013
Aaron Chadd replied to Chris T's discussion Goodluck Buy Antenna Warning! Bluetooth Micro Build - Help Needed
"Just a note on the Goodluck buy guys on ebay.  They run under several names in fact. And yeah, their stuff and their service or shipping is hit or miss. I have dealt with them a few times. I am with Marcin Karawczyk on this one."
Dec 14, 2013