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Hello my Fellow Diy Drones Members.  I am currently opening up to anyone who wants to join in on the Beta Testing and eventfual full release of!! The Ning Basic Plan caps me at 1,000 members so the beta limit is going to be set at 1k.

What are We looking for?!:

1-2 Admins, 10-20 Moderators, CAD Beginners, CAD Experts, HTML Geniuses, Website Techies, phpBB Experts, etc.  Basically anyone who feels that this is website will serve an amazing purpose for the Drone Community and wants to help assist or be a part of it.

What are we trying to do with!:

We are trying to build the worlds largest open source CAD Community that is 100% Focused on open source Hobby and commercial CAD Drones collaboration between experts around the world.  If the beta goes good then we are going to get on a specialized Ning plan that will allow us to turn this into the worlds largest CAD Database for Drone Part Printing, Designing, and the sharing of files amongst community members.

Who is in Charge of! Who makes the decisions?!:

The community of course!  During the Beta Process and beyond the full release of the website the members of CAD Drones will be able to vote in polls and voice their opinions on which way the website goes on this great journey.  The polls will be the deciding factor on major decisions like whether to go with the Ning Forum Platform or use an embedded 3rd Party forum system and also the beta members will ultimately decide the Website rules and such.

Come check out and be a part of the beginnging of something amazing!


All the advice I can get right now would be great!!

Joshua Johnson

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  • Hello.

    I waiting for my milling machine. Have some good ideas about drones.

    aage, norway

  • The Beta is going very well right now! I'm hoping to start ironing out the small details by the end of this upcoming weekend.

  • @Bill Patterson, Thank you for the advice and criticism.  I enjoy Ning very much and with the work during the 2013 year that I did on DiyDrones I have become very comfortable and knowledgeable in Ning and really want to try to use what I have learned into!  I will look into bluehost though it looks very promising from what I can see.

  • I'm confused (as usual).

    You are using ning, but want to use phpBB? You do know real LAMP hosting services (for phpBB) are cheap as mud right? They cost about the same as a Big Mac per month (<$5).

  • I'm having the darndest time setting a reliable chat room on the homepage of CAD Drones!  If anyone has skill in HTML Chat Rooms or knows of a good chat please let me know! :)


    Joshua Johnson 

  • @Gary M,  Once I get CAD Drones off the ground and underway I will do my very best to get rekindle the 3D Model group and also encourage members to post their models on here also. 

  • @Gary S,  Thanks Gary!   I'm hoping I can afford to buy a bulk amount of low cost Do it yourself type 3D Printers that I got at school.  I'm thinking it might be possible for me to have the price on them as low as $300.  I want to help get 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, and easy to use CAD Software to the average household.  Anyone and everyone can benefit from the use of them.

  • @Rana,  Thanks!!  I hope to see you on CAD Drones to help us Beta test the site :)

  • Moderator

    Of course don't forget to share your CAD designs here as well, there has been a 3D model group here on DIY Drones for some time Not very active though.

  • This is a great idea especially if you have a 3d printer as well

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