Hi All,

Very new to this addiction and getting the hang of flying my new 3DR X8 but the battery  life is terrible.. i have asked 3DR to look at logs but they have no suggestions but to check props.. cant seem to they are all in perfect order and in correct direction....

I cant seem to stomach paying all  this $$ for something that lasts 4-5 mins..   Please Help..

Chris from Darwin NT

PS i am using both 4200 and 5000 Mah Batteries

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  • Are you running lights on your aircraft? Can you upload the logs here so they can be looked at? And what brand of Lipos are they?

  • Here was my issue ... 


    Sometimes its the simple things!

    Use a voltmeter and a clamp meter to double check the voltage and current readings on your copter.

  • I know exactlly what is going on! I have an X8 and I had the same problem! It's your bottom props. they are upside down. I got the X8 and was only getting 4-6 mins too. The bottom props are fighting the top blades. and while the copter will fly it works twice as hard. If you look on the top of the props there is some writing. That writing on all the props need to face up word. then the X8 will take off like nobodies business. 

    Let me know if that works. 


  • I have built an X8 with the same symptoms.  I attribute the problem I'm having to the batteries not providing enough discharge.  I'm using a 5000 MaH zippy compact 25C and when flying it sits between 10.5V and 10V then drops from there.  Today i used 2 3700 MaH 25C Batteries in parallel and the voltage stayed around 11V.  My X8 draws about 40A hovering and up to 80A with more throttle, my batteries should provide 125A constant but they defiantly are overrated.

    What's the brand and discharge rating of the batteries you are using?

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    Your log shows your battery starting at 10.8V which is basically flat? It should be 12.5V (+/-0.1V) for a 3 cell pack.


  • I don't think 3DR were enquiring about the health and well being of you props somehow, more likely they were asking you to check the size and pitch, do they match your batteries, weight etc

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