repeated RC calibration problem


I hope someone will find the solution to this:

Arducopter 3.1 (latest). APM 2.

A try to calibrate spektrum dx6i (ar6200 receiver) transmitter. Calibration goes well, but after this, in mission planner flight data panel shows Prearm: RC not calibrated.

A tried to run wizard many times from the beginning calibrate everything, but at the verify step "have you configured yout rc transmitter" displayed in red box.

I tried both above many times without luck.

I tried to switch off rc prearm check, I was able to fly, everything worked well, but not after a small crash I might have some other problem to find (not able to arm), I wanted to switch off every prearm functions to find the possible problem, but this rc not calibrated error is stil there.

Can you explain, what this alerm really means? There are values (good values) in the parameters, so what this function checks at all?

I don't really like just saying "switch off prearm check" because I want to understand what is happening, why is it?


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  • I also had this problem also.

    I my case, I made some adjustments to the throttle curve on my TGY 9X transmitter and apparently the APM didn't like that.

    It is a long shot but, you could try to reset the settings on your transmitter.

  • I have to give this a bump as well. Because I am having the same exact issue. Very frustrating. I have a few brand new APM 2.5 in the shop, several radios, and receivers and I have tried many times to calibrate the RC and keep getting the same thing. I am in the mid of a new quad build, and trying to program the ESC's but with it not seeing the radio at all, I am dead in the water. Is there ANYONE that can give an answer to this problem?

    • Try the reset button on your receiver

  • have the SAME here. after firmwares update, the ESCs are not syncing (start BEEP) and it not arm with this pre arm check enabled....

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