Log data graphs - sub optimal display scaling

The log browsing feature is indispensable. And so is the graphing feature.

BUT, there is one thing I really miss, or did not understand how to achieve:

The possibility to graph any combination of parameters simultaneously, while automatically scaling them so each parameter´s graph reveals relevant visible levels in the diagram.

Two pics to illustrate the problem:

The first showing motor 1 & 3 outputs (indicating a yaw issue in my quad):


Second pic, now added YawIN channel:


See? Motor graphs are still present, but since overall scaling adapts to the numerically much higher Yaw values, the variations on motors now become unvisible, and thereby also the correlation to the Yaw data. Of course this is undesirable, right?

Suggestion: Find a solution to dispaly parameter values of totally different ranges using (as many as needed) different y axis scales in the diagram.

This suggestion applies to the tuning telemetry log diagram as well.

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    What about adding a 'Normalize' checkbox, and in that mode each graph is scaled so its min/max values fill the graph vertically.

    You could have the y-scale labels for the first parameter on the left, and the second parameter on the right. If you have more than two you can't see the labels, but you could graph them in a different order if you needed to see the others.

    There's more sophisticated approaches of course (I'm used to very sophisticated graph viewers in visual effect software), but this strikes me as the simplest way to get that functionality shoe-horned in.

    A few other quick things would make life in the log viewer much easier too:

     - drag the graph around (left-click-drag)

     - plus and mins keys to zoom in and out

     - right click on the graph, select 'jump to' and the spreadsheet scrolls to that point

    With the log viewer being such an important part of MP, does it deserve its own top-level tab? There's other log-ish features creeping in elsewhere too, like the geo-tagging functionality.

  • Is it really not possible to scale multiple values with the log viewer in mission planner?! Tomas, did you ever find a solution for this?

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