Log files are needed for: Determining Control Parameters Using Artificial Neural Network

Hello all, for a one-week project (deadline is next week) I need a pixhawk flight logs. My aim is that using parameters( RCIN, Altitude, IMU, Desired_Alt and motor outputs) I will try to replicate flight characteristics and input-output correlation.

For this, I need at least 2 flight logs recorded on QuadCopter with pixhawk, which has to contain SERVO 1-4 (motor outputs) and the flight should mostly be in stabilize mode with the same vehicle and same PID settings across the flights.

Any help is appreciated

PS: The flights should be "normal" and "healty" (At least till the end) By saying normal, I meant no flipping or no racing etc.

PS-2: The more the input from different users the better the results, ie I can compare relationship between different frames in different pid settings etc. Thanks again!

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Really? Of all the members here who constantly flies their vehicle, no one shares just a few flight logs? Is it that hard to do?

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