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Hi All ... 

My new build has been in the air now and I'm into tuning and log analysis. I'm hoping that Sunday will be windless enough for autotune. 

I checked for vibrations, GPS glitches, mag vs throttle etc. Most things look OK, but my DesPitch vs pitch and DesRoll vs Roll looks unusual with the actual pitch exceeding desired pitch heavily when negative. On the positive it's closer but the actual does not reach desired levels. As far as I understand, I want the actuals to closely follow and match the desired values - but I am new at arducopter. 

Could one of you help me to interpret what the issue might be? I have attached a snap of one of the graphs. 

Thanks very much ... 


Tarot t810 frame


6x Tiger MN3508 380kv motors

Tiger 15x5 props

 ublox compass + GPS

T-motor s25A 600Hz escs

4S power system (usually >10k mah)


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