Log Read with - 0 - CAM Messages found

Mission Planner 1.3.19 build 1.1.5508.10848
ArduCopter V3.2 (c8e0f3e1)

My Camera shutter is activated in proper places and photos are taken. But, I
can't find CAM Messages in the .log file. (LOG_BITMASK is set to Default 830)

I'm trying to follow this tutorial on GeoTagging "http://diydrones.com/profiles/blog/show?id=705844%3ABlogPost%3A1054809"

When I hit the "Pre-process" button, the result is:

Using AMSL Altitude True
Reading log for GPS Messages in order to get AMSL Altitude
Log Read for GPS Messages
Reading log for CAM Messages
Log Read with - 0 - CAM Messages found
Read images
Images read : 21
CAM Msgs and Files discrepancy. Check it! Aborting.....

Tested it several times with ArduCopter V3.2 and 3.1.5. Results are the same. Images are done as planned. No log records for CAM.

Am I doing something wrong?
Any help appreciated.

Silverdale 50m to RC V2.txt

2015-01-30 10-17-22.log

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  • Thank you Eladio for comprehensive reply. I have the CAM records now. Will try the rest this Saturday.

    • Hi Alex,
      Did you perform your tests? I did one for myself and only CAM message were stored in my log. And I had problems when I tried to perform geotagging by CAM messages (through Mission Planner). It did not work and, as I had no other information regarding GPS positions of the camera, I couldn't geotag those images...
      And I wonder if there is some way to add CAM message to default log.

      2015-03-11 15-11-05 1QuadCAM.log

      2015-03-11 15-11-05 1QuadCAM-Alpedrete.bin.bin

      • Well, now I have CAM messages and there is correct GPS information in every message. However when I tried to use geo tagging tool, it didn't do the the proper job. Just a strange mix. I don't have time now to resolve this problem, so I put in on hold. Sorry for that. There are some other geotagging tools, probably it can help.

        • Hi Alex,

          Thanks for your experience. Now I am also quite busy with other issues but I'll tell you if I have any advance on this.


    • Hi Alex, have you got it by just changing value of LOG_BITMASK with 32768? I'm suffering from no CAM log data

      • Yes. Just add this.

  • Hi Alex,

    I have the same problem and I have found the following right now:


    In the next page (16#) Randy say:

    "To save you from figuring out the bit math, I think you can just add 32768 to whatever the LOG_BITMASK parameter value is now.

    Hope this help. I will try it next time I'll fly my copter. Please tell me if you try this.


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