• Can you post your heli set param and pid param ?

  • Looks good. I'm just waiting for my Pixhawk to arrive and then I plan to put it on my Logo 500SE. Hope I also get good results...

    • It will! If it can help here a picture of my setup. Using it for aerial video, no vibrations at all, Logo are the best machines ever i think!


      • Yup they are the BMW of helicopters!

        I've built a bunch of Align machines, and then a Logo. I wasn't expecting it to be much different, but WOW. So few parts, and everything just goes together so well. I'll post up some pictures once I get my built and flying. Be doing some T-Rex450 expendable testing first ;)

        Thanks for the hi-res detailed photo of how you placed everything.

        • Copy mate! Most important of all they are not using DFC on many of their machines. And in my opinion this is an advantage, such rotor heads introduce a big amount of issues with phase shift in accordance with main rotor RPM. As an example I became really crazy trying to fix and improve loitering on my 450 (480) DFC head. I will share my pid setup as soon as back home after christmas, but please deal with it carefully, too many paramaters to take into account, as you know. Each heli is quite different and requires specific tuning (like real ones :-) ).

  • Hello,

    Which sensors are active ? Have you tried without GPS sensor ?

    • Acc/Gyro/Baro/Compass/GPS. Yes, flight testing started in acro-mode, then stabilize and finally loiter on GPS.

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