I experienced some trouble in loiter then guided mode today. I'm using the px4 and when u switch to loiter u can use the guided flight mode from there. When I right clicked and selected a fly to here position on the map the altitude option came up and I selected 500'. My first time trying to go tht high. When the quad would get to around 300-350' the quad would enter RTL. I've looked over the full parameters list and do not see a altitude fail safe setting? Is there such a thing? Anybody experienced this same problem?

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400 feet is hard wired as the geofence limit. You should not be flying higher than that. 

Thank you Chris. When u say hard wired does tht mean I can not change tht setting? Does tht also evoke RTL when u attempt tht height? I understand 400' is the FAA's projected rule. I was far out in the country looking at a potato field with my thermal camera and wanted to see how high I needed to be to get the field in one shot. I will be griding my future endeavors. Again, thank you for your response great work! I was just reading the table of contents for arducopter. Thank you. Y6 is in my near future.

You can change it in the Geofence settings. 

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