Loiter Mode fly and return sticks to centre and model keeps flying for about 15m

Hi Guys,

Is it normal in Loiter mode that if you are flying along at mid speed and release the sticks back to centre the copter will level out but it takes a while to slow down around 10-15m. Is this normal, i presumed it was just pushing a way point around and that it would want to stop much faster. 

Is there a mode or setting that makes the copter top faster in this manner like position hold would on other autopilots?

Thanks for the help

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Loiter is NOT meant to be flown, it is meant to stick to 1 place in the sky and stay there. It is not anything like the way DJI fly by switch users are used to. That mode in APM is called "Pos Hold" It is the GPS assist mode that is meant to fly around in and most closely resembles DJIs GPS mode.

Thanks Craig, that clears that one up 

"Loiter is NOT meant to be flown" ?


"Loiter Mode automatically attempts to maintain the current location, heading and altitude. The pilot may fly the copter in Loiter mode as if it were in manual. Releasing the sticks will continue to hold position"

another gps assist mode;


Yes,  You can fly in LOITER.  One of my favorite modes for A.P.


David R. Boulanger

You can fly in any mode you want. Pos_Hold [AKA Hybrid] was developed to fly around using GPS mode.

Loiter by definition is the act of staying "stationary" which was the intended usage of that mode. To flick a switch and stay in one spot in the sky. It may have changed somewhat over the years but back when I used to try to fly in loiter it would always try to return to the spot where I initially set loiter when I released the sticks.

In native pixhawk FW, Loiter mode and position hold still acts as you described in your first repply.

I don't know what version your running but for a while now LOITER has been a very viable mode for very controlled movement, set by parameters, that will hold the new position when the sticks are released.  POS HOLD is great also but is nothing more then STABILIZE when using the sticks and then goes to LOITER basically when the sticks are released.


David R. Boulanger

im ac 3.3.3 and yes, loiter is my favorite too, i was just replying to Craig :) 

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