loiter problems with newly built octocopter

OK i have tested my new octocopter on 3.0 and have found a big issue that i am unsure of how to fix.

Stabalise workes perfectly, no issues whatsoever but loited has serious problems, it is sporadic and unpredictable.
I have a full flight video linked here

The video includes 3rd person and onboard footage of the loiter problems, skip to 01:53, 6.00, 10:35 ,10:55 for the different instances where i attempted loiter.
I have the log files also attached.

Please help me with this issue, i am unsure what is causing it.

KMZ https://drones-discuss.googlegroups.com/attach/84eb7525f0789cae/2013-06-05%2022-18%203.kmz?part=4





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  • Developer

    Just a small reminder that you should turn off the extra logging of motors and IMU if you're not using them anymore.  AC3.0-rc5 has much more efficient dataflash logging  thanks to master Tridge but still good to turn them off if you're not using them.

  • Developer

    I think all the previous advice re vibration was good but in the log ending with "33" the board seems to have developed a barometer problem (see bottom graph).  This is destroying any hope for good altitude control.


  • Oh nd the first spike is one of the motors breaking loose of its mounts hehe so i disconnected it.

  • ok i have reduced the vibration how is this?


    What do you think?

    Before and After?

  • +1 on Ricks suggestion re: vibes - even if I "full stick" mine, I get way less vibes than this and it's nice and stable on all alt hold modes. But I'm still on the Tigers...
  • Compassmot...I'm assuming that's:
    - Boot in CLI
    - Select setup
    - type in compassmot?
  • Start from the basics. On v3.0 - so have you calibrated the compass, and done 'compassmot'? Checked vibrations?

    What about alt-hold performance - how is that?

  • Hey Mate, I have a similar issue after I swapped from one quad frame to another (both frames the same - the only difference is the engines). 

    I will wait to see what other people think the problem is. I suspect vibrations in my case - I went from Tiger engines and nice props to Turnigy NTM engines and props that are mid-range. 

    Good luck finding a solution to the problem. 

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