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Hi all,

 Haven't  been here for a long while, so I have not had mush of a chance to see what is new.

using my Quad (and AMP2 / ublox) , I want to try flying manually for a change. Is there a way I can fly the quad, and as soon as I let go of the controls it will loiter in that position and altitude? rather than keep flying in the direction of travel. Basically so it stays in one position until I move it , then it stops and loiters in that new position/altitude without flicking the tx switch over every time I want to stop ? or does Loiter do this anyway ?. When I tested it yesterday (very stable I must add) it flew back to the original loiter position..

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  • This is something i would also like to get. Althold flying ability but loiter gps lock when the quad it still.

    You can make loiter fly fast but it had this rocking(boat) feeling at least i get it.

    This is what i asked on another thread: 

    Hi, got 3.1rc7 done autotune and things are great!

    I got all flight modes working fine and i'm happy with apm 2.6 performance.

    I like althold mode to fly around but would like the gps lock feeling that loiter gives you when you stop. althold tends to drift a bit

    Is it possible to get loiter mode to fly like althold does(more snappy feeling)?

    What i have found is that loiter(default pids for loiter) it tends to have a rocking swinging feeling(like a boat) when you full forward or when you stop.

    when i go full forward it tilts fast forward but level out very fast(and continues leveled out) and when i release the controls it tilts backwards fast then tilts forward fast then levels out(swinging motion).

    Now is this normal in loiter mode? Because after all this time i can't seem to find any videos on the net with people flying fast in loiter all that i see is people using it to stay in the same place.

    Any info on this subject would be great!

    There hasn't been any great info for loiter tuning on the net that would be very helpful the wiki explains loiter pids but i just cant get my head around it.

    Autotune sorted out the rest 

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    You can fly in loiter, it's slower than normal but when the sticks are released the position at that instant should be held, it should not fly back to the original position. It doesn't feel totally natural as there's some tendency for the copter to oppose movement.

    It would however be nice to have the copter ONLY loiter when the sticks are released, at all other times flying free.

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