Looking for a non line of sight camera system for RC controlled aircraft


Any idea what hardware this guy is using ? Its truly non line of sight flying thanks

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I hope you are not looking to emulate Gabriel's flying.

He has been a black sopt on the world of FPV for a few years now.

His flights are spectacular and breathtaking, but incredibly dangerous and in almost the whole world they would be illegal!

I know the FAA and other reg bodies have used these videos as a warnig about what FPVers are like, and that hurts the FPV and perhaps the UAV communities as a whole.
Gabriel has some pretty impressive videos! I don't think he is using a normal setup but is following in a car when he goes through the tunnels and in between buildings which gives the allusion that it is not line-of-site. Even when he's out at sea he is on a boat nearby.

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