looking for a reciever range between 1,000 and 2000 us?! HELP!

i am looking for a reciever for my quadcopter that has a min of 1,000us and max of 2000us with a central pulse of 1500us?!
i got a reciever+transmitter from an old RC helicopter which i think has a reciever protocol of PWM.i would like to know if it satisfies the statedpulse range!
here is a link to google drive where you can view the reciever's picture.

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this Tx looks awesome. But the thing is that i was hoping someone could help me figure out if the RX reciever i already have , has a this pulse range.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4vb9x0JJoIiM29OOG1EM2UyTFU Here is a link to the google Doc containing the picture of the reciever

Sorry your wasting your time , It is junk for multi copter! If you still have the Rx for it maybe use with a model air plane. Or sell on it on eBay ?

you mean it does not have this pulse range ? or do you mean ti works but not the best choice?

because even if it works in a crappy way i dont care as long as i have some sort of control

Old radios are susceptible to interference , and may not have the PWM ppm purse range for modern flight controller! You can use this radio with a gimbal.

i am connecting the Rx to an arduino uno which will act as my flight controller

ok if your using the APM other flight controller do not bother wasting your time if your building your own FC it may work make sure each channel works before you plan to use.

it did work , but soon after calibrating the ESCs , i gave the motors max throttle , and immediatly fire began to burst from one of the ESCs. but the motors were clearly being controlled by the transmitter. does this have to do with my RX/Tx choice. or is it related to a bad ESC choice?

sorry impossible to say for sure. 

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