Losing all pitch for a moment when flying forward

Hi all,


I'm back on testing ACM, now with 2.0.54. My last test was probably with 2.0.40 or similar.

I have tunned my pids and I'm pretty satisfied with the results.


My only problem is that when I'm flying forward in stabilize mode with the nose down (say pitch = -30º or -40º ) the quad always loose all its pitch and even moving its nose up (pitch = +30 or +40º) for a moment with no stick movement on my side. After 1 or 2 seconds the nose return down, and it flies normally.

I cannot avoid this behaviour, even if maintaining full pitch stick forward during the manoeuvre... ¿?

I have also checked that it happens wherever the wind comes from...

My copter is: QuadX, 50cm M2M, KDA 20-22L, Plush 25Amps, lipo 5000 3S 20C


Any ideas?



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  • Developer

    The ATT message in the logs can say what happens. I think it's a combination of things including acceleration on the DCM, and iterm  buildup.


  • 100KM

    An onboard log should be able to explain where this behaviour comes from.

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