I finally managed to save up enough to upgraded to 2.5 and on my first test flight with it yesterday on RTL mode it flew over head for a bit and then took off. I followed it for a few km but lost it.

No idea how to put up the telemetry logs for everyone to look at but there is some screen shots below. I spent 4 hours last night and 3 this morning looking for it. I would like to know what happened really.

This is a close up of the last few minutes of flight before the signal stopped:

Here is a another pic to show you where it started.

Here's what I did:

I started out the flight on manual then switched into stabilize to see how its working. It seem to be doing a really good job. I flipped the switch to test RTL and it seem to be coming back and circle overhead then when i put it back in to manual again it started going crazy. It stopped responding to everything I was telling it to do. The telemetry log shows that it kept changing between stabilize, circle, RTL and then guided right at the end when i was trying to get it onto the golf course and away from everything

This is the field I fly in as its away from everything. Normal if any thing go's wrong it away from everything but this time it just took off. :-(

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Sorry for your loss from the heading it appears to be headed out to sea With the  5degree bank to the left it might have circled around and came down North of your " Guided marker ' What direction and how strong was the wind?  With any wind strength at all  the plane would be blown of it's heading eventually the wind correction angle would get so far out it couldn't compensate it would wind vane and try to get back to home and it might be right down wind from Home some where? Good luck

The Wind was about 5-10mph during the flight. and was blowing North. I spent the night searching for it and all morning. I tried back at the launch site and all around it just to see if it went down there. I also looked around the last way point I told it to go in the hopes that it may have come down there or around that field but no luck. 

If you look at the first picture you can see it spinning a lot. No idea why it started doing this. But starting to think that it went out to sea or someone else has got it.  

it might be to late but you could leave your  ground station on and follow the general direction of drift maybe there is enough juice left in the battery to give you it's position  you could walk the shore line and see if it came in with the tide on your next plane put your phone number and email address where it can be seen  post a picture and offer a modest reward in the convenience stores in the area also tell the guys at the local hobby shop incase some one comes in looking for a transmitter for it I don't know what it is called in the UK but around here some times "Missing"items appear on EBay Good Luck

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