Lots of pins, little documentation

Hello all,

I've got a SP F7 Dual, and an X8R receiver for my first quad DIY project.

Between these guys, there are a ton of pins, but very little documentation on how to correctly wire them.  Most of them seem superfluous, but which, for which use case is unclear to me.

At this point, it seems using the "smart port" on the X8R is the best way forward.  According to the SP docs, the receiver port has pin 1 (RXD), 4(+5) and 5(GND) that should be connected to SBUS, and a single pin 3 (TXD/SmartPort) to the data line on the X8R.

Has someone done this, and can you confirm this is correct (see attached pic)?



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  • Yeah, I've been through that quite a bit, and found that there's a lot of alternate configurations possible.

    As somewhat of a noob to the hobby, I'm having a hard time mapping the terminology from SP to the terminology to FrSky.  There's a whole ton of pins, and I'm a little worried that I'm gonna fry something, so I'd really like an experienced eye to help calm my noob nerves.

    So from the manual you linked, there's this passage with the attached picture:


    The F7DUAL has many methods to allow receiver connections, the main ones are as follows (listed in order of
    1) Serial RX on UART2 + Telemetry on UART5 via Picoblade connector (e.g. FrSky XSR).

    So, I find myself asking: 

    1. Did I get the correct picoblade connector?
    2. WTF is UART2?  UART5?  Same as T2 / T5 on the connector table?
    3. Is the XSR the same as the X8R that I have?
    4. Do we have to wire the S.Bus, and the SmartPort, or just one of the two?

  • Seriously?



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