Low Cost, High Performance RTK Module from Tersus


We are a new company in the market who make high performance and low cost RTK module for drones.

Please take a look and if you are interested, we can arrange a demo for you.

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Thanks for posting the datasheet, it has three gnss system inside: GPS, Glonass and China Beidou. the more system you have, the better DOP and coverage, and reliability you get. And it's dual frequeccy L1 and L2 capable. Usually it's not common to have dual frenquency RTK for the DIY world.

Put my test result here. A 85cm square table in backyard that has half sky being covered by trees and house.

I would like to move the discussion away from the Reach thread and learn more about your product.

The 1 minute fixed solution advertised on your website and 2 phase RTK is a huge selling point for me.

An APM specific all in one package would be great, is that in the scope?

Hi, RPM,

Yes, Sure, we can fix in one minute:)

Now we are offering two UART, one for the RTCM data from the base station. and one for the NMEA output.

How about APM all in one package? Do we need to provide antenna, radio, cable? Since we are quite new to the UAV market, so please advise. thanks,

Recommended antennas that you have tested under various conditions. Radios. All cables and some form of support documentation (wiki, manual for example)

Something I have not seen yet that would be excellent are enclosures for the modules with fixed dimension offsets and standard survey mounts. These would protect from weather in a base station set up and provide great accuracy for base position on a control point.

All of these things appeal to someone in my situation where I have experience using survey RTK GPS and understand how they work but do not have the know how or time to develop a system for UAV. I am willing to bet I am not the only one waiting for an all in one affordable package (that actually works as it is supposed to) to hit the market.


how much?

also no glonass l2?

Hi, Michael,

You can check the website: tersus-gnss.com for more information. The price for the board is USD 799.


currently no glonass l2, we are developing the new version will include it, plus advanced anti-spoofing and anti-jamming function...

hi, RPM,

good idea.  we will provide our customer with certified antenna which is more reliable.

As for the enclosures, we are designing and testing it. will come soon.

yeah, it's good to have an all-in-one package, an turnkey solution for the base, rover, antenna, radio, cable, and easy setup manual. we will consider it. thanks.

Does it work with Rtklib ?


it doesn't need RTKLIB. we have in-house software loaded into onboard MCU, which have the function of RTK calculation.

you only need two antenna, two radio, two Precis boards. then you have the NMEA output.

But if I want raw output from this board to use in RTKlib not to put in a drone but to have a very accurate location, is it possible or not ? 

You do not mention the antenna you use, could you tell us ?

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