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      Hi guys,

      I have access to the l1/l2 tersus boards, and have been evaluating them recently.

      the ardupilot driver ive been working on can be found here

      At this stage i've have just been car testing, as the weather here is bad at the moment.

      logs here

      so far everything looks as it should, I just need to put it in a plane and do an actual flight test.

      ive managed full rtk fixed without any problems, feeding in rtcm 1005, 1004, 1012


      AP_GPS_NOVA: support tersus/novatel/comnav gps · meee1/ardupilot@267dd2a
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      • Thanks Michael for sharing this!

  • So what is the status of this system? Are you logging the positional data for post processing? Have you made any changes since you last posted? I noticed the range is currently 1 km is this due only to the radio being used? Could you increase the range if you use higher power radios?



    • the radio distance is highly dependent with the RF radio power. if you use some high end radio, and tune the power to 10W, then you can go 5-10km+ usually.

    • Yes, I'd like to know is radio interchangeable with RFD900??

      • yes, its uart interface. can interchangeable with any radio with UART interface.

    • I want to know it also....

  • I didn't mean to mislead, there is no need to use the RINEX format for the actual real-time logging. A more efficient binary format would probably make more sense for the actual logging. As long as this format can then be converted to RINEX for post processing.   


    • Of course that binary format is much less memory consumer, this is how all the professional GPS manufacturers do.

  • @Tazmoe,

    I am approached by manufacturers of high-precision Ublox chip based GPS units, claiming 5-10 metres accuracy due to ionospheric error.

    If remote service can postprocess GCS raw data to provide geodesy grade
    1cm accuracy for the ground based station so why the number of GCS is so limited and not grows into global high-aacuracy GCS network
    and placing raw data output GPS unit at geodesy grade GCS point, one could
    build high-accuracy RTKLib based Rover.

    Basing on your experience with RTK modules, tell me if GCS and Rover should not generate 3DFix based on the same constallation and HDOP and PDOP should not match to get GCS and Rover offsets to match either.
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