Is there a Low Voltage LED output on the APM2?
I read it has the ability for User Configurable LED flight pattern, is this to show the status of the unit while flying? Any documentation on this?


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I saw this one. Really trying to find more info about the copterled feature of the APM2. What it outputs and how to interface to you use it.

config.h:#ifndef COPTER_LEDS
config.h:#define COPTER_LEDS ENABLED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_ON HIGH
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_OFF LOW
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_1 AN4 // Motor or Aux LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_2 AN5 // Motor LED or Beeper
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_3 AN6 // Motor or GPS LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_4 AN7 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_5 AN8 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_6 AN9 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_7 AN10 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_8 AN11 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_1 AN8 // Motor or Aux LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_2 AN9 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_3 AN10 // Motor or GPS LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_4 AN11 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_5 AN12 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_6 AN13 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_7 AN14 // Motor LED
config.h:#define COPTER_LED_8 AN15 // Motor LED

But you should make sure your LEDs do not draw too much power through the board. Know your power requirements and limits.


So those pins are defined as "Motor LED" pins.  Got it.  Is the SW currently driving them in any way or is that up to someone to add code for if they want to use them?  

I just got my APM2 a couple of days ago.  I've been reading and re-reading the wiki and forums as I've been assembling everything and I cannot find anything that defines those Motor LED pins' function (if any).  For example do they use an analog or PWM type of output to indicate the magnitude of control output that's going to the corresponding motor?  Do they simply indicate a motor is receiving a control output?  Or is a code mod needed to drive them in any way? 

I appreciate any thoughtful response that anyone has on this.


On apm2 do you connect to the analog signal pins or negative or positive?

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