• SO i am thinking this. To add a ground plane I could just use a piece of PCB and attach it to the top of my GPS puck. Drill a hole in the center of it and run wire through it. Solder sleeve to ground plane. Is this the correct thinking here?

  • Multipath in the "urban canyon" is a real challenge. A ground plane helps, and there is a setting in U-Centre that limits the minimum angle above the horizon for a satellite to be accepted (I can't remember the specific param, but google probably knows).
  • Awesome post man thanks. I could try and see what it gets. My only question is, while i know a 70mmx70mm square is not that large in cases where size is an issue what then. I could always purchase a reach setup but then again i dont need that level of accuracy. The main thing i am worried about is multipathing and signal loss flyaways due to multipathing because of incorrect positioning. I am planing on doing some flying around some tall buildings, dont want to hit anything or have the quad hit anyone.
  • You could see if adding a ground plane gives the improvement you're after.
    I use a disc of single sided pcb as a ground plane, but you could use copper tape, foil, or a pie tin
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