Since updating Mission Planner (Windows) to 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 I and a number of my associates have not been able to complete Mag calibration. 

The new dialogue box appears when selecting Calibrate, and it rotates in sympathy with the APM 2.5/6. But no matter for how long you work it the calibrate routine does not complete.

If you abort the Calibrate routine and check the APM2.5/6 against a real compass the two tally. APM 2.5/6 is correctly indicating the points of the compass.

This issue has only arisen since 1.3.2 onwards.

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  • I have had a better upperbody work out today than I've had in a few years twirling and dancing with a 15 lb quad! 3000+ points and an almost solid sphere, really!

    Is anyone working on this or should we all go back to 1.30?

  • I've installed previous version 1.3 and all ok.

  • Over 7,000 data points and no joy.  I stopped when my arms gave out twirling a hex!  tlog attached

    Parmele-2014-05-24 15-20-20.tlog

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    I am using MP 1.3.3 and I just tried calibrating the external compass on my Pixhawk equipped rover using the telemetry radio and no matter how many times I go around each axes, after I hit the "done" button I get a message that says "not enough data points".

    Also the rotating display data points have gone from just single pixels to small blocks.


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  • ... all day i was thinking that i killed my two APM boards :)

    same thing on APM 2.5.2 amd 2.6.

  • Yes.... I have the same problem with my pixhawk v2 and mission planner 1.3.3 after update from 1.2.2. From apmPlanner2 works fine.

  • Your not alone.  I'm having the same exact problem with 1.3.2 .... I had almost 5 thousand data points and finally gave up.

    • This issue is now being tracked with the developer in GitHub here -->

      • Another with the same issue. Tried firmware erase and reload, as well as the beta copy for mission planner that is available with in the app itself. +3000 data points for me with no luck.
        To get flying, Uninstalled mission planner and loaded the APM Planner, mag calibrated perfectly.
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    can you please post a tlog. so I can see why its failing

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