Since updating Mission Planner (Windows) to 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 I and a number of my associates have not been able to complete Mag calibration. 

The new dialogue box appears when selecting Calibrate, and it rotates in sympathy with the APM 2.5/6. But no matter for how long you work it the calibrate routine does not complete.

If you abort the Calibrate routine and check the APM2.5/6 against a real compass the two tally. APM 2.5/6 is correctly indicating the points of the compass.

This issue has only arisen since 1.3.2 onwards.

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  • This is now fixed as of Mission Planner version 1.3.4

    Thank you to the developers for getting this fixed so quickly. Awesome demonstration of Open Source benefits at work.

  • Developer

    Could I get those with errors to test the current MP beta.

    help > update beta.


    and report back if it works and what your calced mag offsets are.

    • I will test the Beta if you like, where can I find it?

      Post a link please!

      • Developer

        beta = "help" > "update beta" inside MP

        • Okay guys!

          Loaded Mission Planner "beta" and did a compass calibration, it collected 2050 points on a 15 lb Quad and continued boy am I pooped! the sphere was well populated but it still showed the dreaded needs more points message. I just can't wrestle the damn thing any more! I have included the tlog file.

          Thank you for your help, I have faith that you will find the bug!

          2014-05-24 18-04-40.tlog

          • Developer

            ok new beta pushed again. that fixs a + vs - issue on calcing the centerpoint of the sphere.

            ie it should be fixed. once someone verifys I will release a new MP normal version.


            anyone feel like testing?

            • It works!

              Nice job everyone!

              Now, back to work for me!

            • Worked.
              New install of prod version, then update under help/beta. At approx 600 samples, more data needed went away. Ran it up to 700 samples, clicked done, and new offsets are -125 -34 44.
              Board is ardu 2.5
              • Admin


                Nice work!

                Glad to see that you got the Michael's fix proofed out!

                There is a MP 1.3.4 available now and as an update.


                TCIII Admin

        • Ah, now I see!

          Thank you Michael!

          I'll let you know!

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