Hi everyone,

I´m working on a university project building an hexacopter with a payload of 2 kg. Yesterday, I did the first fligth (without payload), and I test ALTHOLD and LOITER. Everything went alright. But today, we did the first fligth with the maximum payload (2 kg). When we tried to test ALTHOLD, the drone went up quickly until I changed the mode. After the first scared, I have noticed that the altitude goes crazy when the drone takes off. I have checked the logs. The BARALT is ok, but RELALT (GPS) changes a lot! (see image).

I've checked the foam cover and it´s ok, I have erase the EEPROM, reload the lastest code (3.1.5), but the altitude goes crazy each time I add payload (when motors need more power to make the drone hover).

I tried everything I know. So the question is: Is it possible that the magfield could affect the altitude readings?? I attached the log.

Interesting data:

-Frame type: hexarotor

-Apm version: 2.6

-Code version: 3.1.5

-Motor: T-motor MN4012 340KV

-Weigth: 5 kg

-Payload: 2 kg

Thank everybody in advance,

Juan Antonio

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Is your barometer protected from light hitting it?

Since the AMP case is partially transparent, if it's out in the light, you can put a piece of black electrical tape on it to prevent light from hitting the barometer which will definitely cause similar issues to what you're seeing depending on the position of the sun and rotation of your craft.

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